Ride-hailing businesses create new jobs and at the same time, put the lives of people in the hands of stranger drivers. That’s why safety is a big keyword in ride-hailing ecosystem. In the ever-growing landmark of ride hailing, safety is number one priority for a business to distinguish itself from the competitors.
WooWay uses smartphone built-in sensors to automatically detect driving events (distracted driving, harsh/normal turning, harsh/normal breaking, sudden change of lanes, bumps, accidents, etc.) in real time.
All the computation is done locally on the smartphone via an SDK that we provide. No third-party cloud computing is involved and hence the full privacy. WooWay does NOT require GPS of the smartphone to be on.

Real-time driving event detection

Our creative and lightweight solution allows real-time detection of dangerous driving events including :

- harsh braking
- aggressive cornering and turning
- swerving (fast change between the lanes) and
- distracted driving (texting or browsing or picking up the phone while driving).


Real-time driving safety profile for each driver

Now your passengers can know the driving safety score of each driver, prior to choosing a driver to pick them up.
The driving safety can be either a detailed profile of driving skills of the driver, or a single score describing how safe a driver drives.