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Telematics for urban mobility

  • Smartphone-based automatic monitoring of driver’s behavior.
  • Personalized feedback on how to improve safety and driving styles.
  • Traceable performance history of all drivers.
  • Measuring drivers performance to improve fleet operation
safety driver

Upgrade your insurance underwriting and road risk mapping

  • True driver based insurance underwriting.
  • Automatic road risk mapping and segmentation.
  • Innovative insurance product development tailored for individuals.
risk maping

Experience a 10% reduction in fuel cost

  • Automatic monitoring of fuel wasting driving habits.
  • Feedback on how to improve the driving style.
  • Evaluating driver’s progress with time.
fuel economy Telematics

Fight climate change with your driving style

  • Reduce your car’s carbon and braking particulate matter emission.
  • Feedback on how to improve the driving style.
  • Our unique ECO-style score puts driver’s performance into perspective.
green driving Telematics

Real-time detection

Telematics company
Aggressive braking Telematics
Aggressive braking
Driver distraction
Driver distraction
Harsh turning
Harsh turning
Sudden lane change
Sudden lane change

An easy process to get you started

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    Integrate SDK

    Integrate our SDK In your app

  • 2

    Our smart algorithms monitor every single ride

  • 3

    Receive Safety rating and Carbon footprint For all the rides

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