About Us

WooWay is a comprehensive telematics solution and technology that is capable of operating in massive scales. Using only the driver’s smartphone, WooWay automatically detects all dangerous driving manoeuvres, distracted driving and accidents during a ride.

WooWay takes privacy seriously. Everything is handled locally on the smartphone and no sensitive sensory information is sent to any server.

WooWay is massively scalable by design. No matter how big your fleet is, from 10 drivers to 10 million drivers, we got your back. With our unique algorithm and technology, your business can have real-time detailed driving safety report, for every single trip that every single driver takes.

Privacy by Design and by Default

In the data protection law, we are supposed to do privacy, by design and by default. In our view, if that means that you can build something without sharing the data, the law says you are supposed to do that.

That’s why in contrast to other smartphone-based telematic products, WooWay doesn’t send the raw sensory data (that can be used for other purposes than just telematics) to any external server. All the computation is done locally on the driver’s phone and only the driving report is sent to the servers of your business.

Derek McAuley, Professor of Digital Economy and Director of Horizon Digital Economy Research, talks about the necessity of local data processing, as backbones of Web 3.0 and its premise of privacy in the age of IOT.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition

WooWay is unique in its approach and naturally offers unique values for ride-hailing and insurtech ecosystems.

Customer satisfaction

Passengers are always assured that they are safe and taken care of.

A new tool

Feed your algorithms with a new data modality: driving events

Scalable to millions

WooWay is ready to serve 10 drivers or 10 million drivers.

Always good drivers

We identify the drivers who need more training or supervision.

Privacy matters

Everything happens on the phone. WooWay is not in the cloud 😉

Stay safe

WooWay brings safety to the front page of your business.

Stay tuned

We will update you on WooWay